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Centre for Novostics, with the meaning of novel diagnostics, aims to push forward the frontier for molecular diagnostics, particularly around prenatal diagnosis and cancer diagnostics.


These research areas will accelerate the application of liquid biopsy and promote Hong Kong as a leading molecular diagnostic centre in the world. Leveraging Hong Kong’s well-developed public healthcare system and its strategic location for easy access to major cities worldwide, the centre targets to create a conducive environment for collaborations with other renowned research institutes and universities. The compact size of the city also allows large-scale programmes to be set up and tested.


As the founding Scientific Director of Centre for Novostics, I am excited about being part of the InnoHK initiative.  I am pleased to see the rapid evolution of the biotechnology ecosystem in the city and the support from the Government of Hong Kong SAR.  There has never been a better time to be science and technology innovators in Hong Kong.  I can see the challenges and yet the opportunities.  It is with strong will to position the Centre to provide leadership in nurturing local talents for the biotechnology industry and to reinforce the importance of transdisciplinary collaborations in translating scientific knowledge into clinical applications. I hope that the Centre’s research would attain the next level of global excellence, resulting in the generation of valuable intellectual properties, enhancement of the health and quality of life, as well as creating economic benefits to the region.   


Professors Lo, Chan and Chiu are experts in translating research findings into practical applications.  They have created a large patent portfolio.  This influential body of patents contributed to Prof. Lo’s naming by the authoritative journal, Nature Biotechnology, as one of the Top 20 Translational Researchers in the world in 2016 to 2020 for five consecutive years.